Gantt Diagram for IBM Lotus Notes

Plan and visualise projects using Drag & Drop

New Gantt chart for project management with IBM Lotus Notes

Gantt Diagram Gantt Chart IBM Lotus Notes

The new Gantt chart in the Cobalt ToDo Manager supports project managers and project teams in browser-based planning and monitoring of projects of any size. The Gantt chart can be used in existing IBM Domino environments without infrastructure extensions.

All projects and tasks in the company can be filtered according to different criteria. An annual overview is also available in addition to daily, weekly and monthly overviews

The filter functions allow the presentation of all projects in the company as well as detailed views of individual projects.

Representation of a single project

All projects in a specific department can also be displayed.

Display of all projects in a department

Any number of projects and tasks can be created, linked, modified and moved in the Gantt chart. On completion of the planning work, all changes are sent to your Domino server at the click of a button.

In the case of timetable changes or rescheduling of projects, all dependent tasks defined in the original planning are also automatically rescheduled if the "Auto Scheduling" function is activated.

The critical path display allows you to identify processes that might delay a project.

Critical path display


Auto Scheduling Weekly view
Critical path Monthly view
Milestones Annual view
Projects Filter by company
Tasks Filter by department
Planning via Drag & Drop Filter by customer
Used via a PC browser Filter by project
Used via a Tablet Filter by status